Laser Treatment

In some cases, Laser Treatment can be done to prevent or lessen severe loss of eyesight, if the CNV (abnormal blood vessels) is discovered early enough. The laser beam is a high-energy light that turns to heat when it hits the parts of the retina to be treated. This heat destroys the CNV and stops it from growing, leaking, and bleeding. A scar forms because of the treatment and this scar creates a permanent blind spot in the field vision.

Vision does not usually improve after Laser Treatment and in some cases, may even be somewhat worse. However, loss of vision following the Laser Treatment, though immediate, is usually less severe that the eventual loss of vision that usually occurs if the Laser Treatment is not done. In many cases, the visual distortion will disappear after laser treatment.

Laser Treatment only works about half the time. Since macular degeneration is a condition that is caused by the aging process, Laser Treatment is often only a means of temporarily preventing further loss of vision, or lessening the amount of visual loss that usually occurs.