Photodynamic Therapy

This type of laser surgery may be done in one or more sessions. The idea is to use the laser to destroy all of the damaged areas of retina where the blood vessels have been obstructed. When these areas are treated with the laser, the retina is likely to stop manufacturing new blood vessels, and those that are already present tend to become inactive or disappear.

There are side effects of pan retinal laser photocoagulation. When only a small amount of neovascularization is present, your doctor may suggest careful follow-up examinations. Nevertheless, the longer the eye remains untreated the more likely vision will be lost and blindness will occur. The earlier severe neovascularization is discovered and the eye is treated with laser, the more likely blindness can be prevented. If you have developed neovascularization, your doctor will advise you about when pan retinal laser photocoagulation should be done.